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...supporting food security and homegrown economic development in North Texas


NOTE:  All our workshops are simple, hands-on, and outdoor.  Please dress appropriately for the weather, bring work gloves and a sack lunch.  Informational sessions will be indoor, but may include a farm tour. 
Hoop House Seminar:  Actual construction of a full size hoop house.  Includes pole-bending, attaching bows and side frame and erection.  May be covered in plastic for winter growing or shadecloth in summer.

Drip Irrigation:  Actual installation of an irrigation system using poly-tube, drip tape and hoses.  This type of irrigation is currently being used on berry orchards and row crops, and is inexpensive to install and easy to maintain.  We will include a list of equipment and where it is available.

Cold Frame Construction:  Construction of a cold frame for cold season crops.  Materials, resources.

Cultivation and Planting:  Cultivation, amending, tilling and planting.  Materials, resources. 

Informational Sessions:

    Berry Farming
    Dairy Farming
    Pastured Beef Production
    Introduction to Community Supported Agriculture
    Farmers' Market Participation and Marketing
    Preserving and Canning - Value Added Products

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